Degree Programmes

Computer Graphics and Multimedia in English

Full-Time 2 Years Title Awarded Ing.

Computer Graphics and Multimedia will teach you to process data from cameras and microphones, get information from video and audio records, or design user interfaces. As part of our study, we experiment with computers with computers, robot sensors, aircraft simulators, and so on. When you get there, you will have no need for work. You will be able to develop methods of computer vision, speech processing and natural language, program graphics in the game industry or user interfaces.

Information technology moves the world

  • 79%

    students gain practical experience

  • 98%

    students successfully pass the State Final Examination

  • 99%

    graduates find work in the month

  • 40 938 Kč

    is the average starting salary for graduates

1st Year

You begin to recognize the key areas of processing and generating rich media data in depth. You will not only be the users of advanced technologies but their creators. As part of practical projects, you will use laboratories and special equipment (cameras, microphones, virtual glasses) and computer platforms (graphics cards and embedded devices).

They will pass on all their knowledge and hold you in difficult moments

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