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Seminar DCSY - Filipovič J.: HPC Research Group


L314, CZ

Abstract: In this talk, research activities of a newly established research group focused to high performance and scientific computing will be introduced. The group is working under CERIT-SC center, which maintains computing resources, storage and performs both in-house computer-science research and interdisciplinary research with partners. First, the center, its research and research projects solved by the HPC research group will be briefly introduced. Second, two examples will be discussed in greater details: autotuning of CUDA/OpenCL kernels and acceleration of cryo-EM software.

BIO: Jiri Filipovic currently works as head of research group High Performance Computing in CERIT-SC, Institute of computer science, Masaryk University. He holds PhD from Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. His research interests focus on an area of high performance and scientific computing. He focus on code parallelization and performance optimization for conventional processors and accelerators (from hand-tunning of existing applications to automatic methods improving code efficiency). He is also interested in many areas of applied computing, such as computational problems from chemistry and biology, or real-time modeling of deformations (e.g. simulations of soft tissues).

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