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Using What I Learned in Testing to Invent Patents in Other Domains and Vice Versa

Místo konání
G202, CZ

Abstract: You really understand something when you can apply it in other domains. In this talk I will show multiple inventions, and show how ideas I learned in devolving software testing methodologies became useful in various domains like augmented reality, gaming, airport security and others. When you see an idea that inspire you, that shows you something you have not thought of before, do you ask yourself in what other domain it can make a difference?


About the speaker: PhD from Carnegie Mellon University under the supervision of Herbert Simon (Nobel Prize and Turing award winner) and Mike Trick. As a researcher active mainly in the area of software testing and analysis. Started a few conferences, few fields, more than 60 publications. IBM Master Inventor for many years. Now independent inventor. More than 300 patents filed, more than 110 granted in the USA. Around 60 ideas sold in the last five years. Owns about 10 patents. Inventing for companies, more than 100 patents filed lately. Consulting companies on patent strategies. Teaching on monetizing ideas.

The talk takes place on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 11:00 in room G202.

All are cordially invited.