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Physical education at BUT

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The aim of the work of CESA BUT is a quality physical education process and equal access of all students to physical education and sports activities. CESA's work is based on the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and an active way of life for university students, including the presentation and promotion of health-promoting physical activities.

The course Physical education is optional and can be attended by students in the bachelor's and master's study and is also made available to students from doctoral programs. Semester teaching of the optional subject of physical education takes place together for all students of all faculties, regardless of grade. In the educational programs of individual sports, groups of students are created according to performance from beginners to performance athletes and representative selections of BUT. Health-oriented physical activities (physiogram, group exercises, fitness strengthening, fitness training, massages and regeneration, etc.) have an irreplaceable place in the physical educational program. The course ends with accreditation and credit.

Enrollment in Physical education takes place in electronic form in the IS, always at the beginning of winter and summer semester and is specified at To register, you need to log in to Studis and get on time provide login details. You can try logging in at Students are entitled to 2.0 hours (2 enrollments) in each semester for free. Schedules are 2 weeks before the beginning of the semester to view in the IS or at

From the point of view of the faculty, the Physical education is a common elective course.

For the additional information, see the entire PDF (Czech only).

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