Scattered Context Grammars and their Applications

Authors:Meduna, Alexander and Techet, Jiří
Title:Scattered Context Grammars and their Applications
Publisher:WIT Press, Ashurst Lodge, Southampton, SO40 7AA, UK
Publication Date:2010
Details:Hardcover, 212 pages


Alexander Meduna, Full Professor of Computer Science at the Brno University of Technology, received his PhD from this university in 1988. He has taught theoretical computer science at various European, Asian, and American universities, including the University of Missouri, where he spent a decade teaching advanced topics of the formal language theory. He is the author of the books entitled Automata and Languages (Springer, 2000) and Elements of Compiler Design (Taylor and Francis, 2008). Along with Martin Švec, his former PhD student, he is also the co-author of Grammars with Context Conditions and Their Applications (Wiley, 2005). He has published over seventy papers related to the subject of this book.

Jiří Techet received his PhD from the Brno University of Technology in 2008 under the supervision of Alexander Meduna. He has published several studies on scattered context grammars in such distinguished computer science journals as Acta Informatica and Theoretical Computer Science.



This advanced computer science book systematically and compactly summarizes the current knowledge about scattered context grammars—an important area of the formal language theory at present. Primarily, the book covers the theoretical properties of these grammars, such as generative power, closure properties, simplification, and reduction. Secondarily, it sketches their linguistically oriented applications. In its conclusion, the book formulates new investigation areas, sketches further applications, and gives a comprehensive biography related to the scattered context grammars.


This book is relevant to advanced students and specialists in theoretical computer science and related areas, such as computational linguistics or discrete mathematics.


  • up-to-date coverage of the knowledge concerning scattered context grammars
  • self-contained explanation without assumption of any previous knowledge
  • clear definitions and exact proofs preceded by their intuitive explanation
  • numerous useful and easy-to-implement grammatical transformations
  • applications with the focus on linguistics
  • comprehensive bibliography


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List of Errors

  • Page 26, Chapter 2 (Definitions), Section 2.3 (Scattered context grammars)
  • In Definition 2.45, instead of “lhs(p) ≥ 2”, there should be “len(p) ≥ 2” in the definition of dcs(G).
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