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English for PhD Students

JA6D FEEC BUT DJA6 Acad. year 2015/2016 Winter semester

Current academic year

Writing course for postgraduate and intermediate students.Various writing skills are trained and developed during the course: taking notes, summary, reports and articles, description of a process or instrument.


Language of instruction



Examination (written+oral)

Time span

13 hrs lectures, 13 hrs exercises

Assessment points

100 exam


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Ability to distinguish various writing styles,reconstruct the text on the base of taken notes, write a summary, a report, article and also make a good presentation.

Learning objectives

Acquiring different skills necessary for writing: reading comprehension and summary, controlled writing, free composition and presentation.


Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

Knowledge to be able in active conversation.

Study literature

  • Sparling, D.: English or Czenglish?, Praha, SPN, 1989
  • Hladký, J.: Zrádná slova v angličtině, Praha, SPN, 1990

Fundamental literature

  • Maley, A.: Writing Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate. Oxford Supplementary Skills. OUP, 1990
  • Leki, I.: Academic Writing, Cambridge University Press, 2006

Controlled instruction

  • 75% attendance
  • Active participation in the seminars
  • Self-study and fulfilling the set written tasks

Course inclusion in study plans

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