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Advanced Methods of Processing and Analysis of Images

DBM1 Acad. year 2018/2019 Winter semester

Current academic year

Questions to SDZ:
  1. Theory of multidimensional signals and systems, multidimensional continuous and discrete transform namely 2 to 3D Fourier transform
  2. Stochastic fields and images. Local image parameters, parametric images
  3. Image analysis - advanced segmentation methods based on texture analysis
  4. Region based segmentation - region growing, splitting and merging, Watershed based segmentation
  5. Advanced segmentation methods based on edge representation, Hough transform  
  6. Mono- and multimodal image fusion, principles and applications. Disparity analysis
  7. Spatial consistency, image registration, spatial geometric transforms, similarity criteria
  8. Principles of image restoration, geometric restitution, modified deconvolution, Wiener filtering
  9. Reconstruction of 2D or 3D images from tomographic projections
  10. Reconstruction of 2D or 3D images in magnetic resonance imaging 


Language of instruction



Examination (written+oral)

Time span

39 hrs lectures

Assessment points

100 exam



Learning objectives

Goals of the course:  Presentation of modern advanced concepts of image processing. The aim of the course is to achieve a deep understanding of the methodology and, at the same time, also introduction to philosophy of the described methods.

Study literature

  • J. Jan: Digital Signal Filtering, Analysis and Restoration. IEE London, UK, 2000, 407 pp.
  • J. Jan: Číslicová filtrace, analýza a restaurace signálů. VUTIUM Brno 1997, 2002, 2005, 429 str.
  • J. Jan: Medical Image Processing, Reconstruction and Restoration - Concepts and Methods. CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group, USA, 2005, 760 pp.

Syllabus of lectures

The course teaching is limited to self study of recommended literature, with a combined written-oral exam at the end of the term

Controlled instruction


Course inclusion in study plans

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