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Professional Practice, Abroad

ZPX Acad. year 2019/2020 Winter semester 5 credits

Study stays and internships, etc., at a university out of the Czech Republic are governed by the Rules (sorry, in Czech only).
A study stay at a university out of the Czech Republic (exclusive of the Slovak Republic) supported of studying courses in foreign languages (e.g. English, German) or a stay with an aim to dispose of thesis (e.g. Term Project) in English or German.


Deputy Guarantor

Language of instruction




Time span

52 hrs projects

Assessment points



Learning objectives

The course supports students' excursions to foreign study stays and internships.

Why is the course taught

This course is offered to students in foreign study trips and internships to help them meet the annual credit threshold. The course is also included in the Diploma Supplement, which confirms the student's stay at a foreign university or research institution. The student will then complete an item "Record the traineeship in the trainee's Diploma Supplement" on the Learning Agreement or Traineeship Agreement if stated.

Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

Proven knowledge and skills in English on at least B2 Level of the European Council Reference Frame.

Study literature

Dictionaries "Cz/A + A/Cz" and other supporting texts recommended by the receiving institution.

Syllabus of lectures

Teaching in all variants, i.e. lectures, seminars, work with computers, projects and others, are managed by teachers in courses of an admission university.

Exam prerequisites

A written report about a benefit for a student which was acquired during a study stay or internship at a university abroad.

Course inclusion in study plans

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