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Fundamentals of Law

PRM Acad. year 2020/2021 Summer semester 3 credits

Human society cannot exit without rules regulating various decisive aspects of human existence. Legal conscience based on knowledge of law and basic legal norms related to human activities, their far-reaching impacts and consequences are essentials for minimization of potential conflicts.


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Time span

26 hrs lectures



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Basic survey on civil legal norms, ability to get orientated in norms.

Learning objectives

Acquisition of rudiments of law, knowledge of relationship between law and ethos, knowledge of basic legal norms, and their application to business and other economic activities.

Why is the course taught

An integral part of citizenship in a democratic system is legal consciousness and is fair and beneficial to society to provide students with the possibility of the establishment and consolidation.

Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

No prerequisity knowledge is called for.

Study literature

The students will be recommended a selection of legal norms and articles which will be discussed on lectures.

Fundamental literature

Set of the Czech Republic Legal Norms

Syllabus of lectures

  1. Introduction into law science, branches of law, basic terms.
  2. Constitution of the Czech Republic, state symbols.
  3. Contents, form and subject of the law, law creation and legislative process.
  4. Civil law and Civil Procedure Code.
  5. Commercial law.
  6. Labor law.
  7. Civil-law obligations and agreements, examples of agreements and plaints.
  8. Copyright Act and mental labour preservation.
  9. Public law.

Controlled instruction

Attendance at lectures.

Exam prerequisites

Attendance at lectues, minimum 80%, and activity on discussion.


Thulecturelectures G202 17:0018:50 1BIA 1BIB 1MIT 2BIA 2BIB 2MIT 3BIT xx

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