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Assembly Languages

SOJ Acad. year 2003/2004 Winter semester 6 credits

Current academic year

Pentium processors architecture (registers, data types, instruction formats, memory addressing, interrupt handling). Real mode and FPU instruction set. Assembly language of PCs with Pentium processors. Assembling and linking (TASM and TLINK). BIOS and DOS services. Interfacing of assembly language programs with higher languages programs. Protected mode of Pentium processors (memory addressing, protection, tasks switching, paging, virtual mode, system environments), instruction set. Programming in the protected mode.


Language of instruction



Examination (written)

Time span

39 hrs lectures, 6 hrs exercises, 6 hrs pc labs, 14 hrs projects

Assessment points

80 exam, 20 projects



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students acquire knowledge of PC assembly language a they will be able to create programs in this language including programs of tasks executable in protected mode.

Learning objectives

To give the students the knowledge of assembly programming of PC with Intel Pentium Processor, i.e. knowledge of Intel Pentium architecture, instruction set including FPU instructions, assembly language and typical programming constructions.

Study literature

  • Zboril,F.: Assembly languages, Texts, BUT Brno, 1991, ISBN 80-214-0349-7
  • Abel,P.: IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1995, ISBN 0-13-317729-7
  • The Netwide Assembler: NASM, Manual of NASM, 1999 

Fundamental literature


Syllabus of lectures

  • Introduction, machine code (language), assembly language, assembler
  • Real mode of Pentium processors: registers, operands, instruction formats, memory addressing, interrupts
  • Real mode instruction set
  • Real mode instruction set, cont.
  • Principles of programming in machine language, typical control constructions
  • Pentium processor FPU - architecture
  • FPU instruction set
  • Assembly language
  • Modules, libraries, operational system services
  • Procedures and functions, standard control transfer and passing of parameters
  • Principle of Pentium protected mode
  • Protected mode, instruction set
  • Tasks and their management

Syllabus of numerical exercises

  • Simple programs as parts of PASCAL programs (30. 10. 2003)
  • Simple programs using FPU as parts of PASCAL programs (13. 11. 2003) 
  • Programs in NASM (27. 11. 2003)

Syllabus - others, projects and individual work of students

  • Programs in assembly language (NASM)

Progress assessment

Written mid-term exam
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