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Graphical User Interfaces

GUR Acad. year 2004/2005 Winter semester 5 credits

Interaction between user and application, different application classes. Graphical User Interfaces in Unix and their history. System X Window, structure, X server concept, graphical operations. Application programming interface, Toolkits. Standard X Toolkit and its usage. Widget Sets, programming using OSF/Motif Widget Set.


Lampa Petr, Ing. (CC FIT BUT)

Language of instruction



Examination (written)

Time span

26 hrs lectures, 8 hrs pc labs, 18 hrs projects

Assessment points

60 exam, 20 half-term test, 20 projects



Lampa Petr, Ing. (CC FIT BUT)


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students will get knowledge of application programming in X Window+OSF/Motif environment and basic principles of user interface design.

Learning objectives

The goal is to make students familiar with the design and programming of graphical user interfaces in Unix/X Windows environment.

Syllabus of lectures

  1. Application classes from the point of view of user interaction.
  2. X Window system structure, X protocol, input and output graphic operation.
  3. Xlib level programming, simple application example, Toolkits, example of application using toolkit.
  4. OOP features in X Toolkit, instance and class of widgets, properties, internal implementation.
  5. Widget naming system, resources, convertors.
  6. Event processing, translation table, action table.
  7. User interface design rules
  8. Common OSF/Motif features, keyboard navigation, compoung strings, font lists and renditions.
  9. Simple widget classes and their usage.
  10. Composite widget classes.
  11. Menu and dialogs.
  12. Direct manipulation, Drag&Drop.

Syllabus - others, projects and individual work of students

  1. Simple application using skeleton and examples.
  2. Complete OSF/Motif application.

Progress assessment

Written mid-term exam (max. 20 points) and submitting 2 projets in due dates. There is no alternative term of mid-term exam.
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