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Preparatory Course (1) for State Exam in German 1/2

JN6 Acad. year 2003/2004 Winter semester 4 credits

A condition for being accepted into the preparatory course for the state exam in German language is a success at the entrance test. The set of JN6 courses begins the preparation. It is listed among the specialized courses.


Zavřelová Danuše, Mgr. (DFL FEEC BUT)

Language of instruction




Time span

26 hrs lectures, 26 hrs exercises

Assessment points

100 half-term test



Zavřelová Danuše, Mgr. (DFL FEEC BUT)

Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

General understanding of language on the basis of reading and listening. Ability to work with specialized texts. Ability to communicate on the level of a native speaker. Mastering the basic historical and geographical knowledge of the German-speaking countries.

Learning objectives

JN6 is two-term set of courses which is the prerequisite condition for the second two-term set of JN7 courses. The set of JN6 courses begins the preparation for passing the general state German language examination. Note, there are 4 class hours a week.


Syllabus of lectures

    Set of "JN6 + JN7" courses: Year 1 (JN6)
  • U1: revision of verb forms
  • Revision of grammatical phenomena
  • U2: temporarily separable prefixes
  • Plusquamperfekt, translation
  • U4: attributive constructions, translation
  • Survey of strong verbs
  • U6: sentence pattern and its loosening
  • U7: co-ordinating and sub-ordinating conjunctions
  • U8: conjunctives and conditional
  • U10: noun declinations
  • U11: prepositions used with 2nd case, translation
  • U12: noun declinations
  • U13: comparatives and superlatives, adjectives and adverbs
  • U1: Modernes Kochen
  • U2: Meine Hobbies
  • U3: Sommerurlaub im Wochenendhaus
  • U4: Warum ich Deutsch lerne?
  • U6: Die Kunst, translation
  • U7: Verlust und Gewinn,translation
  • U8: Meine Zukunft
  • U9: Die Fahrt mit dem Auto
  • U10: Neues Deutschland
  • U11: Umweltschutz, U10: Vom Schwimbecken
  • U13: Die Stadtrunfahrt
  • U14: Wer schaffen will, muss lustig sein
  • Past infinitive
  • The second future tense

Syllabus of numerical exercises

    Set of "JN6 + JN7" courses: Year 1 (JN6)
  • Familienleben
  • Free topic
  • Die Wohnung
  • Speisen
  • Im Restaurant
  • Nationalspeisen
  • Free topic, listening
  • Einkaufen
  • Im Warenhaus
  • Bekleidung
  • Frau und Mann in der Mode
  • Modeim Wandel der Zeit
  • Free topic, listening
  • Beruf und Berufswahl
  • Der Arbeitstag
  • Der Mensch: psychische Eigenschaften
  • Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen
  • Free topic, listening
  • Die Stadt, Stadtverkehr
  • Die Tschechische Republik
  • Verschiedene Landschaften
  • Prag, Brno, Wien
  • Free topic, listening
  • Das Leben auf dem Lande
  • Das Dorf heute
  • Free topic, listening

Progress assessment

Progress tests taken during the semester.

Exam prerequisites

50% success at credit tests.

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, any year of study, Elective
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