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Industrial Robotics

QA7 Acad. year 2003/2004 Summer semester

Course is not open in this year
Industrial robots. Kinematic and dynamics of robots. Sensors and drives for robots. Control of industrial robots. Mobile robots and their control.


Language of instruction



Examination (written+oral)

Time span

39 hrs lectures

Assessment points

100 exam



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students acquire knowledge of advanced control methods of industrial robots. They acquire also knowledge of control methods of mobile robots, and future trends in the area.

Learning objectives

To develop the students understanding of advanced industrial robotics. To introduce the students to advanced methods of robot control including control of mobile robots.

Syllabus of lectures

  • Robotics, components and structure of robots.
  • Rigid motions and homogeneous transformation.
  • Forward kinematics.The Denavit-Hartenberg representation.
  • Inverse kinematics. Velocity kinematics.
  • Dynamics. Euler-lagrange equations.
  • Actuators. Advanced actuators.
  • Sensors. Smart sensors.
  • Independent joint control. Computed-Torque control
  • Robust control.
  • Adaptive control.
  • Force control.
  • Control of nonholonomic systems.
  • Feedback linearization.

Progress assessment

doctoral course: discussions
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