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German for Intermediate Students 1/2

JN3 Acad. year 2004/2005 Winter semester 3 credits

Course is not open in this year
The course builds on the previous study (see course JN2). Verbal system, the passive, time clauses, comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs are practised. Vocabulary knowledge increases, and the listening skills are improved. Specialized German texts for the study programmes of FEKT and FIT VUT are used as an introduction to the study of technical language. The course is listed among the standard courses.


Language of instruction




Time span

26 hrs exercises

Assessment points



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

General understanding of standard language on the basis of reading and listening. Ability to react to situations adequately. Ability to give reasons and explain. Ability to work with specialized data.

Learning objectives

The verbal system is enlarged, listening skills improved. Note: The course takes two semesters.


Syllabus of numerical exercises

  • Wo ist unser Geld?
  • U1 specialized topic
  • U2 Bis auf den letzten platz
  • U2 1st group of strong verbs
  • Tschechien
  • Specialized topic 2
  • U4 Ein Interview
  • 2nd and 3rd group of strong verbs
  • U5 Weinachtsfreuden,specialized topic 3
  • U5 4th group of strong verbs
  • U6 Prag - specialized topic 5
  • Autumn credit test wrotten
  • Revision of verbs U1 - 5
  • U7 Beim Arzt
  • Specialized topic 7
  • U18 Kitsch oder Kunst?
  • Specialized topic 7
  • Mein Freund
  • U9 comparatives and superlatives
  • U10 Bitte zu Tisch
  • U10 Specialized topic 8
  • Lebenslauf
  • U11 Time clauses
  • Specialized topic 8
  • U12 Die BRD
  • Spring credit test written

Progress assessment

Progress tests taken during the semester.

Exam prerequisites

50% success at the credit test.

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, any year of study, Elective
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