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Spanish for Beginners 2/2

JS1 Acad. year 2004/2005 Summer semester 3 credits

This new communicative course - Spanish for Beginners - will offer practising pronunciation, basic grammar, conversation in everyday situations, reading and listening. Original Spanish textbooks, audio and videocourses will be used in classes. It is a two-semester course and it can be followed by the course JS2.


Borecká Marcela, PhDr. (DFL FEEC BUT)

Language of instruction



Credit+Examination (written+oral)

Time span

26 hrs exercises

Assessment points

100 exam



Borecká Marcela, PhDr. (DFL FEEC BUT)

Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Elementary Spanish conversation, basic Spanish grammar.

Learning objectives

Elementary Spanish.

Fundamental literature

  • L. Prokopová: Španělština pro samouky, LEDA
  • kolektiv: VEN 1, Edelsa, S.A., Madrid, Espana
  • Videokursy Este País, Viaje al Espanol

Syllabus of numerical exercises

  • Programme of the course, introduction to the language
  • Pronunciation, how to thank and introduce oneself
  • Stress, gender and articles
  • What/who is it?, personal pronouns
  • Profession, plural, verbs ending -ar
  • Nationality, prepositions, declension, to be
  • Intonation, verbs ending -er,-ir and irregular verbs
  • Family and age, female forms of nouns
  • Numbers 1 - 10, irreg. verb venir, revision test
  • Friends, descriptions, adjectives
  • Possession, obligation, quantification, possessive pronouns
  • Revision
  • Autumn semester test written
  • Revision of lessons 1 - 7
  • Telephoning, ser vs. estar, negative expressions
  • Mexico, demonstrative pronouns
  • Obligation and necessity, hay que x tener que
  • Transport, irregular verbs, revision test
  • Imperative, polite asking for things
  • Telling the time, numbers 11 - 30
  • Basic technical terminology, irregular verbs
  • Daily routine, reflexive pronouns
  • Basic technical terminology, infinitive structures
  • Infinitive of purpose, numerals, currencies, weights and measures
  • Revision
  • Spring semester test written

Progress assessment

revision tests

Exam prerequisites

Semester tests

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, any year of study, Elective
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