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Time Management

TMA Acad. year 2004/2005 Winter semester 3 credits

Course is not open in this year
The aim of the training course is to give the students the information how to get oriented in the time, the optimum use of time, how to influence the specific time periods and how to define the personal energy consumption cycle, how to plan and analyze time, looking for reasons of his/her own time wastage, how to develop his/her own system of information, and getting familiar with planning techniques and methods.


Hons Zdeněk, Mgr. (ILL BUT)

Language of instruction



Credit (written)

Time span

26 hrs lectures

Assessment points


Hons Zdeněk, Mgr. (ILL BUT)

Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Orientation in time; time planning.

Learning objectives

Getting oriented in time, time planning.

Syllabus of lectures

  • Time
  • Planning
  • Career
  • Psychology of personality
  • Time Management
  • Personal Information System
  • Definition of priorities
  • Pert-diagram
  • Chart-Milestone
  • Activity planner
  • Energy diagram
  • Career types
  • Econometry

Progress assessment

předložení plánu činnosti

Controlled instruction

účast, konstrukce plánů

Exam prerequisites

Submission of the activity plan.

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, any year of study, Compulsory-Elective group H
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