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Algorithms and Data Structures

ADS Acad. year 2004/2005 Summer semester 7 credits

Current academic year

Course is not open in this year
Introduction to algorithms. Fundamentals of the program complexity. Abstract data structures. Principles of dynamic memory allocation. Abstract data types, specification and implementation. Searching algorithms. Sorting algorithms. Text processing algorithms. Recursive and non recursive notation of algorithms. Verification and proving correctness of algorithms.


Language of instruction



Examination (written)

Time span

39 hrs lectures, 39 hrs projects

Assessment points




Learning objectives

To command the design, specification and implementation of abstract data types. To acquaint and command the most important searching algorithms. To acquaint the most inportant sorting. algorithms.To acquaint with the fundamentals of proving of the correnctness of algorithms.

Study literature

  • Complete set of texts on the internet address of departmental courses available to students enroled to the course.

Fundamental literature

  • Honzík,J. a kolektiv: Programovací techniky. Skriptum VUT v Brně
  • Honzík,J.,Hruška,T.,Máčel,M.: Vybrané kapitoly z rogamovacích technik

Syllabus of lectures

  • Introduction
  • Abstract data structures
  • Principles of memory allocation
  • Abstract data types, specification and implementation
  • Searching algorithms
  • Sorting algorithms
  • Text processing algorithms
  • Recursive and non recursive notation of algorithms
  • Verification and proving correctness of algorithms

Progress assessment

  • Mid-term examination
  • 4 home assignment (project in Pascal) sent electronically
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