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Team Management

TMG Acad. year 2005/2006 Summer semester 3 credits

Current academic year

Course is not open in this year
Team work is the basic form of organizing production, research and scientific activities. The mere talent for organization is no longer sufficient for achieving high productivity and efficiency. These should rather be based on elaborate scientific studies explaining all aspects of team work and co-ordination. Such knowledge is indispensable for the team work and, especially, the team management.
A social science course consed to Programme in persuance of the Rector's Decision 03/2004.


Language of instruction




Time span

26 hrs lectures

Assessment points


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Ability to manage a team effectively.

Learning objectives

Basic knowledge of general principles of team formation and skills.

Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

No prerequisity knowledge is called for.

Study literature

The students will be recommended selected texts and articles from economic journals.

Syllabus of lectures

  • Project team.
  • Team communication.
  • Communication in the team: hardware and software.
  • Development of managerial skills.
  • Stress management.
  • Feedback.
  • Conflict management.
  • Document management.
  • Team performance.
  • Management styles.
  • Team work.

Exam prerequisites

  • 70% attendance at lectures.
  • A written essay on personnel management.

Course inclusion in study plans

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