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Advanced Numerical Methods

MNM Acad. year 2004/2005 Summer semester 6 credits

Course is not open in this year
Numerical methods and modern algorithms for solving some technical problems. Solving the systems of linear and nonlinear equations. Numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations, initial value problems, one-step and multi-step methods, Taylor series method, extremely accurate calculations, automatization of input data, special simulation language and practical applications, boundary value problems. Partial differential equations, numerical investigation of fields.


Language of instruction



Examination (written)

Time span

26 hrs lectures, 13 hrs exercises, 26 hrs pc labs

Assessment points

60 exam, 40 exercises


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

The student is acquainted with some numerical methods for soluting the ordinary and partial differential equations.

Learning objectives

The aim is to extend and intesify knowledge from the previous courses, namely in connexion with practical applications of the methods for solving the ordinary a partial differential equations. For this purpose two chapters summarizing the methods for solving linear and nonlinear equations precede.


Syllabus of lectures

  • Numerical methods, principle, classification of errors, giving precision to results.
  • Linear equations, finite, matrix-iterative and gradient-iterative methods.
  • Nonlinear methods, review of nethods for one equation.
  • Newton and iterative methods for systems.
  • Ordinary differential equations, initial value problems, one-step methods.
  • Multi-step methods.
  • Taylor series method, possibilities of its application.
  • Boundary value problems, finite difference method.
  • Finite element methods, applications.
  • Finite volume method.
  • Partial differential equations, classification.
  • Finite difference method, finite element method.
  • Finite volume method, method of lines.

Exam prerequisites

Laboratory work, tests ... maximum 20 points, project ... maximum 20 points, written term exam ... maximum 60 points.
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