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Physical Training

TVS Acad. year 2007/2008 Summer semester

Physical training (PT) is an elective course for students of all faculties of the BUT. The system gives all students chance to participate on physical activities during whole study (including post-gradual). Students may choose among 38 sport disciplines on five performance levels. Two hours PT weekly is included in the study programs of all faculties. The weeklong intensive winter and summer courses (30 hours/week) are integral part of these programs, too.
Beyond the study programs, the PT program is available also during exam periods and we offer plentiful calendar of sport competitions and tournaments.
Centre of Sports Activities (CESA for short in Czech) organizes the PT in all forms in cooperation with the University Sport Club BUT ("VSK VUT Brno" for short in Czech).
Within lifelong education, CESA of the Brno University of Technology organizes training, seminars, retraining courses and courses of further education for teachers, all with accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.


Tománková Karla, PhDr., CSc. (CESA BUT)

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Credit (written)

Time span

26 hrs projects

Assessment points

Learning objectives

The aim of Physical Training courses (PT) is to increase the physical condition of the BUT students, to edify their health and to deepen their knowledge and experience in the PT area.

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