Course details

English: Beginners 2/2

AH0 Acad. year 2010/2011 Summer semester

Current academic year

Introduction to English language study, basic grammar structures, basic vocabulary and its systematic training, training of listening, training of understanding English texts, and training of communication on read text. Communication in everyday situations. The course duration is two semesters.


Language of instruction

Czech, English



Time span

26 hrs exercises


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students will master the basic grammatical structures as tenses, time clauses, infinitive, reported statements, articles, etc. Students will be got acquainted with basic and vocabulary. The students' basic ability to communicate in everyday situations will be developed.

Learning objectives

The course for beginners is aimed at learning both basic vocabulary and grammar. It is a preparatory course for the following Headway Pre-Intermediate course BAN1-W or BAN1-S in the next academic year.

Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

No prerequisity knowledge is called for. Recommneded for students who passed the English entrance test with a result "0 - 9/10" points.

Study literature

Soars, J., Soars, L.: Headway Elementary Student's Book, Oxford University Press

Fundamental literature

Soars, J., Soars, L.: Headway Elementary Student's Book, Oxford University Press

Syllabus of numerical exercises

The course duration is two semestes. Topics will be trained in both winter and summer semesters.

  • People
  • Work
  • Free time
  • Stop and Check
  • Places
  • What can you do?
  • Then and now
  • How things began
  • Stop and Check
  • Food and drink
  • Describing places
  • Describing people
  • Planning the future
  • Stop and Check
  • Did you know that?
  • In my life
  • Thank you and goodbye
  • Stop and Check

Controlled instruction

Active participation on seminars and progress tests.

Exam prerequisites

Class credit is not defined because this course is voluntary.

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