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Implementing Secure Converged WANs (CCNP2)

CP2 Acad. year 2010/2011 Winter semester 4 credits

Current academic year

The course covers modern technologies for secure remote access through Internet using cable modems and DSL. It also describes MPLS transmission in WAN, VPN building using MPLS, IPSec, and GRE. It includes network device security, AAA architecture, packet filtering and IDS/IPS devices.


Language of instruction



Classified Credit

Time span

52 hrs laboratories

Assessment points

40 mid-term test, 60 labs



Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students will learn technologies for remote access. They will learn how to configure cable modem and DSL. They will understand MPLS and its implementation in Cisco routers. They will learn how to configure VPN using MPLS, IPSec, and GRE. They will get acquainted how to secure network devices, and AAA architecture. They will learn how to configure packet filtering and IPS/IDS devices.

Generic learning outcomes and competences

Students will understand technologies for remote access into Internet and secure data transmission over Internet using VPN technology. They will learn how to configure VPN and how to secure network devices. Course knowledge and experience cover  requirements of Cisco certification exam 642-825 ISCW.

Learning objectives

Technologies for secure remote access - cable technology, DSL (PPPoE, PPPoA). MPLS architecture and configuration. Building VPN using MPLS. IPSec architecture, VPN using IPSec. GRE tunnelling. Securing network devices. AAA architecture. IOS protection. Packet inspection and filtering, IDS and IPS.


Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

Students are expected to have knowledge of CCNA Exploration 4, or certification exam CCNA 804-802.

Study literature

  • Lecture notes in English.
  • Documents and examples available on the Web portal Academy Online.

Fundamental literature

B. Morgan, N. Lovering: CCNP ICSW Official Exam Certification Guide, 4th Edition. Cisco Press, 2008.

Syllabus of laboratory exercises

  1. Remote access - requirements, technologies.
  2. Cable access. DSL, PPPoE, PPPoA.
  3. MPLS Architecture.
  4. IPSec VPN networks.
  5. GRE tunnelling, high availability.
  6. Securing network devices.
  7. AAA architecture, implementation.
  8. Packet filtering, firewalls.
  9. Securing IOS. IDS and IPS devices.
  10. Case study presentation.
  11. Skills exam. Final test.

Progress assessment

  • Active laboratory work (max. 60 points).
  • Practical skills test (max. 20 points).
  • Final test (max. 20 points).
  • To get Academy Certificate of Completion all tests including Final exam and Skill test must be passed with score 80% or better.

Controlled instruction

  • Příprava a aktivní účast na všech laboratorní cvičení.
  • Vypracování všech modulových testů.

Exam prerequisites

  • Labs attendance.
  • Getting at least 50% points of every activity.

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-MSC-2, field MBI, MBS, MMM, MPV, any year of study, Elective
  • Programme IT-MSC-2, field MMI, 2nd year of study, Compulsory-Elective group M
  • Programme IT-MSC-2, field MSK, any year of study, Compulsory-Elective group B
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