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Programming .NET and C#

IW5 Acad. year 2010/2011 Summer semester 5 credits

Current academic year

Introduction to the .NET platform. Precompiled code. Platform independence, MSIL. Secure code. Web services. C# language: types, classes, structs, instances, attributes, properties and methods, inheritance, virtual methods, indexers, interfaces, overloading, abstract classes, events, delegates. GUI elements and graphics. Network applications, TCP/IP, communication. Network services. ADO.NET and database access, DataSet, DataReader. ASP.NET, forms, XML, IIS integration. Web services.


Language of instruction




Time span

26 hrs lectures, 26 hrs pc labs

Assessment points

60 exam, 40 projects



Pokorný Jiří, Ing. (ApS Brno)

Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Ability to design and implement applications and distributed systems on the .NET platform.

Generic learning outcomes and competences

Ability to implement complex information systems.

Learning objectives

To obtain overall view of .NET technologies and its programming with C#


Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

Knowledge of object oriented programming techniques.

Study literature

  • Charles Petzold - Programming Microsoft Windows With C#
  • Simon Robinson - C# Professional Programming
  • Erich Gunnerson - A Programmer's Introduction to C#

Fundamental literature

  • Damien Watkins - Programming in the .NET Environment

Syllabus - others, projects and individual work of students

Total of 40 points of 100

  • Windows GUI application
  • ADO.NET GUI application interface
  • ASP.NET application interface
  • Remoting

Controlled instruction

Attendance at any forms of education is optional.

Exam prerequisites

Attendance at any forms of education is optional.

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-BC-3, field BIT, 3rd year of study, Elective
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