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Molecular Genetics

MOG Acad. year 2012/2013 Winter semester 3 credits

The course is an introduction into molecular biology and genetics. It describes the organization of genetic information  of procaryotic and eucaryotic genomes. It explains the principles of transcription and translation of genetic information and regulation of gene expression. Molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis and recombination, repair mechanisms of damaged DNA and mobile elements are also presented. The second part of the lecture is focused on the basic methods of molecular genetics and their applications in gene engineering in industry, agriculture and health care delivery.


Language of instruction



Examination (written+oral)

Time span

26 hrs lectures

Assessment points

100 exam


Subject specific learning outcomes and competences

Students will obtain the basic knowledge of genetic information,  expression of genes, its regulation and the methods allowing to modify genetic information.

Generic learning outcomes and competences

Understanding the field which is not the main study component in a computer science-based study programme.

Learning objectives

To understand the basic knowledge of genetic information, genes and genomes, expression of genes and its regulation. To understand the methods used in molecular genetics and gene engineering in research, industry, agriculture and medicine.

Prerequisite kwnowledge and skills

The knowledge of biology and chemistry at the level of a high school study programme.

Syllabus of lectures

  1. History of molecular genetics
  2. Genetic information and the genetic code
  3. Molecular structure of procaryotic and eucaryotic genome
  4. Replication and transcription of procaryotic and eucaryotic genome
  5. Postranscriptional modification and processing of RNA
  6. Translation and posttranslational processing
  7. Regulation of gene expression
  8. Molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis and recombination. Repair mechanisms of damaged DNA
  9. Mobile elements 
  10. Basic methods of molecular genetics 
  11. Basics of gene engineering
  12. Gene therapy. Genetic diseases and their diagnostics.
  13. Applications of molecular genetic

Course inclusion in study plans

  • Programme IT-MSC-2, field MBI, 1st year of study, Compulsory
  • Programme IT-MSC-2, field MIN, any year of study, Elective
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