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Day: 4 May 2020

Handing in bachelor's and master's theses

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Dear students,

given the current situation in the country, we've made the decision to shift the submission deadlines of bachelor's and master's theses in paper form. The new deadline is set to 10 days prior to the state final examinations. We cannot state specific dates yet, but know that you will learn the actual dates with enough time to print and bind your thesis.

The deadlines for submission of theses in electronic form remain unchanged for now (see the schedule). It is highly likely that we will make changes depending on when the state final examinations will really take place, but please do not rely on it. We do not know when the current measures will end and how far in advance we will learn that information. If you then need to revise for examinations, and finish your thesis, it could be problematic. Longer delays can also mean that your supervisors can be on holiday.

You can find out how to submit extensive appendices (contents of the memory media) in the thesis submission form in FIT IS.

The announcement of potential shifts of theses submission deadlines can be expected a week prior to the current submission deadlines. Applications for postponement of submission deadline can be submitted in FIT IS as late as 3-5 days prior to the submission deadline. There is no point in submitting applications for postponement of submission deadlines about few days now, as there is a chance that the deadlines will change for everyone.

We wish you successful finish of your thesis

Jaroslav Dytrych and Richard Růžička

Author: Dytrych Jaroslav, Ing., Ph.D.

Last modified: 2020-04-09 18:13:49

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