Faculty of Information Technology, BUT

Study Plan

IT - PhD. Computer Science and Engineering 2018/19

Programme: Computer Science and Engineering

Field: DVI4 - Computer Science and Engineering

Level of Education: Doctoral

Academic Year: 2018/2019

2. year of study, winter semester

JADPh.D. Test of English0CEx

2. year of study, summer semester

JADPh.D. Test of English0CEx

all years of study, winter semester

APDSelected Topics on Language Parsing and Translation0EEx
ASDAudio and Speech Processing by Humans and Machines0EEx
C9530Structural biochemistry *)0EEx
DBM1Advanced Methods of Processing and Analysis of Images0EEx
DMA1Statistics, Stochastic Procesess, Operational Analysis0EEx
DTK1Modern Network Technologies *)0ECo
FADFormal Program Analysis0EEx
JA6DEnglish for PhD Students0EEx
MMDAdvanced Methods of 3D Scene Visualisation0EEx
MSDModelling and Simulation0EEx
MZDModern Methods of Speech Processing0EEx
ORIDOptimal Control and Identification0EEx
PBDAdvanced Biometric Systems0EEx
PDDApplications of Parallel Computers0EEx
PFTDTheory of Financial Markets *)0EEx
PGDComputer Graphics0EEx
PNDAdvanced Techniques in Digital Design0EEx
PTDThe Principles of Testable Design Synthesis0EEx
SVDSpecification of Embedded Systems *)0EEx
TIDModern Theoretical Computer Science0EEx
TJDProgramming Language Theory0EEx
TKDCategory Theory0EEx
ZPDNatural Language Processing0EEx
ZZDKnowledge Discovery in Databases0EEx

all years of study, summer semester

BIDInformation System Security and Cryptography0EEx
EUDEvolutionary and Unconventional Hardware0EEx
EVDEvolutionary Computation0EEx
ISDIntelligent Systems0EEx
JA6DEnglish for PhD Students *)0EEx
KRDClassification and recognition0EEx
MIDModern Mathematical Methods in Informatics0EEx
MLDMathematical Logic0EEx
PFTDTheory of Financial Markets0EEx
QB4Neural Networks, Adaptive and Optimum Filtering0EEx
SIDSelected Topics of Software Engineering and Database Systems0EEx
SODFault Tolerant Systems0EEx
TADTheory and Applications of Petri Nets0EEx
VKDSelected Chapters on Algorithms0EEx
VNDHigly Sophisticated Computations0EEx
VPDSelected Topics of Information Systems0EEx
Course is not open in this academic year
Compl: Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
Duty: C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective
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