Faculty of Information Technology, BUT

Study Plan

Computer Graphics and Multimedia 2018/19 english

Programme: Information Technology

Field: MGMe - Computer Graphics and Multimedia in English

Level of Education: NMgr

Academic Year: 2018/2019

1. year of study, winter semester

HSCeHardware/Software Codesign (in English)5CCr+Ex
MATeMathematical Structures in Computer Science (in English)5CEx
PDBeAdvanced Database Systems (in English)5CCr+Ex
PGReComputer Graphics (in English)5CEx

1. year of study, summer semester

FYOePhysical Optics (in English)5CEx
MULeMultimedia (in English)5CEx
PDSeData Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)5CEx
TINeTheoretical Computer Science (in English)5CCr+Ex
ZPOeImage Processing (in English)5CEx
ZREeSpeech Signal Processing (in English)5CEx

2. year of study, winter semester

SEPaSemester Project (in English)5CClCr

2. year of study, summer semester

DIPaMaster's Thesis (in English)13CCr
VGEeComputational Geometry (in English) *)5CEx

all years of study, winter semester

ROBaRobotics (in English)5CECEx
ROSaReal-Time Operating Systems (in English)5CECEx
PGPaAdvanced Computer Graphics (in English)5CEGEx
POVaComputer Vision (in English)5CEGEx
PDIeDistributed Application Environment (in English) *)5CEIEx
VYPaCompiler Construction (in English)5CEIEx
GALeGraph Algorithms (in English) *)5EEx
GJAeGraphical User Interfaces in Java (in English)5ECr+Ex
PP1eProject Practice 1 (in English)5ECr
TAMaApplication Development for Mobile Devices (in English)5EClCr

all years of study, summer semester

VIZaVisualization and CAD (in English)5CEGClCr
SLOaComplexity (in English)5CEMEx
VNVeHigh Performance Computations (in English) *)5CEMEx
DFAaDigital Forensics (in English)5EEx
PP1eProject Practice 1 (in English)5ECr
UXIaUser Experience and Design of User Interfaces and Services (in English)5EClCr
Course is not open in this academic year
Compl: Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
Duty: C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective

Compulsory-elective groups

AbbrvMin. coursesMax. coursesMin.credOver asCoursesTitle
C190EROBa, ROSaHardware
G190EPGPa, POVa, VIZaGraphics
I190EPDIe, VYPaInformation Systems
M190ESLOa, VNVeModelling and Artificial Intelligence
If you are allowed to enroll more CE courses than the required minimum, then successfully completed courses that exceed Min. courses (or Min.kred, if not 0) of the CE group, will be assigned as courses of duty Over as.
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