Accommodation for the BISSIT course participants has been booked in student hostel Purkynova at Purkynova street no. 93, Brno which is in walking distance to FIT - see the map. Those who would prefer to use a Brno public transport can walk to Skacelova stop and take buses No. 44, 53, or trolley No. 30 in direction to Kralovo Pole. see Brno public transportation.

The accommodation is to be paid in cash in Czech crowns (CZK) on arrival to the facility. Special price for BSSIT students is 200 CZK per night, so e.g. 20 nights (10 – 30 July, 2020) is for 4000 CZK (i. e. cca 160 USD).

The living costs besides the accommodation is in Brno cca 500 CZK (25 USD) per day.