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[VGS-IT] Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

3. January 2017 vgs-it

FIT VUT v Brně, CZ
Tomáš Mikolov will give an invited talk within VGS-IT series on Tuesday, January 3rd, 5pm, in E112.

Title: Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

Abstract: Neural networks are currently very successful in various machine learning tasks that involve natural language. In this talk, I will describe how recurrent neural network language models have been developed, as well as their most frequent applications to speech recognition and machine translation. Next, I will talk about distributed word representations, their interesting properties, and efficient ways how to compute them. Finally, I will describe our latest efforts to create novel dataset that would allow researchers to develop new types of applications that include communication with human users in natural language.

Tomáš Mikolov is a research scientist at Facebook AI Research since 2014. Previously he has been a member of Google Brain team, where he developed efficient algorithms for computing distributed representations of words (word2vec project). He has obtained PhD from Brno University of Technology for work on recurrent neural network based language models (RNNLM). His long term research goal is to develop intelligent machines capable of communicating with people using natural language.

All are cordially invited.

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