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  • Start@FIT

    The traditional Start@FIT event starts on the 17 September 2020, it introduces new students to the faculty and to one another. The students will receive basic information about their studies and learn how to use available information systems. They will also learn how to search for information that might be needed during their studies. We recommend that that the participants move into the dormitories on 16 September 2020. Thise option should be available online;if not, it can be arranged by phone or in person with the contact persons at the Halls of Residence. Just mention that you are attending Start@FIT.

    The program of the event will be specified on this page on August.

Additional Information

Student Advisory and Student Union

You can find more information on the student counselling page. We recommend that you check the list of tasks that all first-year student should remember. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact the Student Union of FIT. SU FIT is a group of students interested in the goings-on at FIT. The group participates in the decision-making of the faculty and represents the students. They also organize Start@FIT event.

Communication channels

For students of each year SU FIT will create 2 groups on the Facebook - for students who start their bachelor's study in 2020/2021, they are VUT FIT BIT 2020-2023 (for study related problems) and VUT FIT BIT 2020-2023 Teambuilding (for student life, etc.). For Masters programme students they are VUT FIT MIT 2020-2022 and VUT FIT MIT 2020-2022 Teambuilding. There's also an unofficial Discord server maintained by students.

Note for students who are not new at BUT

Students who have studied at BUT before need not (and in fact cannot) set their BUTpassword. The password they used most recently remains valid. In addition, their previous faculty account is only reactivated. If a student has a student identity card (from any faculty), he/she need not order a new card. The identity card is activated at the time of enrolment; for the identity card to be used as proof of study, it is necessary to have the validation stamp glued to it at the Study Department. The ISIC validation stamp should be ordered at the BUT portal, whereas the BUT validation stamp can be collected in person. The BUT stamp can also be used to validate ISIC, thus reducing it to a BUT card.

Responsibility: Ing. Jaroslav Dytrych, Ph.D., Bc. Aneta Helešicová a Ing. Petr Veigend
Last update: 2020-05-15 17:35:16
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