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European Conference on Security Research in Cyberspace

- EU-SecRes

FIT VUT, Božetěchova 2, 612 00 Brno, CZ

The main aim of the European Conference on Security Research in Cyberspace is to broaden our knowledge and to share information and experience in the field of cybernetic security in the Czech Republic and in the world. On the ocassion of the Presidency of the Czech Republic in the Council of the European Union, the conference will provide forums enhancing interconnection of the foremost researchres in the field of security research not only from Brno University of Technology and Masaryk University but also end users of the research results and representatvies of the state sector from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Another aim is to present the actual challenges and opportunities in this field and to discuss them, as well as to raise awareness about excellent results of the security research conducted by the Ministry of Interior, and to familiarize the conference members with the particular participants´ attitudes to the current form of the technological progress monitoring system and the system of implementation of research results into practice in the course of discussion. This event represents a unique opportunity to present cybernetic security research as a key part of the security research system in the Czech Republic. 

For more information, look at https://eu-secres.eu/

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