The dissertation defence of Marek Žák from the Institute of Intelligent Systems will take place on 28 February

We cordially invite you to the dissertation defence of Ing. Marek Žák entitled Biology-inspired control of a walking robot. Mobile robots are used for a variety of purposes, often in places that would be unthinkable for humans. These include rescue operations or space exploration. Walking robots can move in difficult terrain, but their disadvantages can be energy consumption, slowness of movement, inability to carry heavier loads or difficulty of control.

This dissertation describes the design, construction and control of a novel biology-inspired hexapod robot, WHexaR, that can deal with these obstacles. The full abstract of the thesis is available at this link. 

The work was supervised by Associate Professor František Zbořil and Specialist Supervisor Ing.  Jaroslav Rozman.

The defence will take place on February 28th at 1 pm in meeting room C209 at FIT BUT.

The opponents are prof. Ing. Petr Musilek, Ph.D. from the University of Alberta and Ing. Tomáš Ondráček, Ph.D. from Artin.


We invite you to the dissertation defence of Martin Hruška

We cordially invite you to the dissertation defence of Ing. Ing. Martin Hruška entitled Automata in Software Verification and Testing. Under the supervision of the supervisor Professor Tomáš Vojnar and the specialist supervisor Associate Professor Lukáš Holík, he deals with applications of the theory of finite automata in software quality assurance. The first part deals with the application of automata in formal program verification working with dynamic data structures, followed by their application to automated testing of production information systems in a digital twin environment. 

The defense will take place on March 5 at 1 pm in meeting room C209 at the FIT BUT.

The opponents are assoc. prof. Ahmed Rezine from Linköping University and Assoc. RNDr. Jan Kofroň, Ph.D. from MFF UK.

Professor Nakov from Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence will give a talk at FIT as part of VGS Invited Talk

We cordially invite you to the next lecture in the VGS Invited Talks @ FIT series, this time by Professor Nakov: Factuality Challenges in the Era of Large Language Models. Professor Preslav Nakov, who is based at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi, is a world-leading expert in natural language processing. His talk will be held on Thursday, February 29 at 4 pm at FIT in room A112. 

What are the pitfalls of large language models (LLMs)? While they are very powerful, their weakness is working with facts. At best they sometimes get away with making things up, at worst they spread lies and misinformation. Don't miss this lecture on a topical issue, after which there will be space for an informal discussion on the possibilities of cooperation with MBZUAI.

For more detailed information about Professor Nakov's work, please follow this link.


We invite you to the defence of the dissertation thesis of Viktor Malík from the Department of Intelligent Systems

We cordially invite you to the dissertation defence of Ing. Viktor Malík: Static Analysis of Programs in the C Language. Under the supervision of his supervisor, Professor Tomáš Vojnar, it approaches the problem of automatic static analysis of low-level software (i.e. analysis of the software'ssource code).  The thesis proposes new original techniques in two different areas of analysis: formal verification (i.e. proving of correctness) of programs working with complex data structures and fast
light-weight static analysis of semantic differences between versions of large-scale software (such as the Linux kernel or system libraries). 

The defence will take place on 5 March at 3 pm in the meeting room C209 at the FIT BUT.

The opponents are Florian Zuleger, Associate Prof. Dipl.-Math. Dr.techn. from TU Wien and Prof. RNDr. Jan Strejček, Ph.D. from FI MU.

More information can be found here.

At FIT, we see partnerships with companies as a necessity on the road to excellence

At the Faculty of Information Technology, we are aware that it is impossible to prepare our future graduates for their diverse career paths without contact with industry, which is why we have been building a portfolio of partners for a long time so that the range of focus is broad and at a high professional level. We value our partnerships very highly. 

And, as it is often the case with partnerships, good communication is essential. Therefore, on Wednesday 14 February, we invited representatives of companies to our faculty for our traditional annual meeting to evaluate and discuss the possibilities of cooperation and opportunities for its development this year. The debate was attended by 40 representatives of companies, IT experts and HR specialists and professional guarantors of cooperation from the Faculty of Information Technology.

More on the meeting and cooperation with industry in this article


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