Research means constant learning. It is a great job for the curious, says graduate working in Singapore

Jakub Pružinec, an FIT graduate, has been working in the distant Singapore for over two years. At Nanyang Technological University (NTU), he is a research assistant in the HP-NTU Corporate Lab, a new laboratory created in collaboration between the university and HP. "You get a taste of both, the academia and the industry," Jakub Pružinec says. 
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FIT intern at CERN is developing particle accelerator monitoring software

It started with an interest in nuclear physics, chemistry and energy, and continued with an internship at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. Since March, FIT student Silvie Němcová has been working as an intern in a team developing software that is part of CERN's critical infrastructure. "For me, it is a great opportunity to combine IT with my other interests, while participating in a project which includes interesting experiments," she says.

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Matej Viskupič's award-winning algorithm will be used at the National Museum

The algorithm for tracking people, developed by Matej Viskupič, a student of the Faculty of Information Technology, helps determine the optimal placement of exhibits in museums and galleries. His work was awarded by the Sewio company, the main partner of the Excel@FIT 2022 student competition, which also deals with this problem in its business. In addition, the system will be installed this summer at the National Museum in Prague. For more information, see the article


BUT sensors protect bee colonies from starvation and theft

Do you like honey? And do you know what it takes to get it on your table? The bees must survive the winter, start collecting nectar in the spring and not freeze to death. But even warm weather and a strong bee colony are no guarantees that the beekeeper will be able to extract the honey. The bees can swarm and fly away, starve, or be stolen with the beehive. But there is a way to prevent all that: ApiVčelař 4.0 and the smart scales and sensors invented by BUT experts that remotely provide data to beekeepers. For more information see the article


(F)IT Summer School for Girls introduces high school students to the latest IT trends

Program a robot, design a mobile app, create a prototype on a 3D printer or get acquainted with virtual reality and biometrics - these are just some of the things prepared for the participants of the 16th (F)IT Summer School for Girls. The event, which will take place from 22 to 26 August 2022 at the Faculty of Information Technology BUT, is designed for all female high school students who are interested in or attracted by IT. The five-day event will introduce them to different areas of information technology and the latest trends, but most importantly, they will have the opportunity to try everything out in practice. For more information, visit the event's website at

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