Room schedules

A112Lecture Room 641st floor64 seats
A113Lecture Room 641st floor64 seats
A211Laboratory2nd floor0 seats
A218Seminar Room2nd floor26 seats
A305Office3rd floor2 seats
C008Common Room FIT - Wine Bar1st basement0 seats
C123Study Room1st floor0 seats
C127.1Seminar Room 21st floor0 seats
C128Seminar Room 11st floor6 seats
C201Corridor2nd floor4 seats
C209Conference Room2nd floor35 seats
C211Laboratory2nd floor6 seats
C228Seminar Room2nd floor25 seats
C236Laboratory2nd floor21 seats
C304Cisco Laboratory3rd floor20 seats
C311Office3rd floor3 seats
D0206Lecture Room 1542nd basement154 seats
D0207Lecture Room 902nd basement90 seats
D105Lecture Room 3001st floor316 seats
E104Lecture Room 721st floor70 seats
E105Lecture Room 721st floor70 seats
E112Lecture Room 1561st floor154 seats
G104Seminar Room1st floor0 seats
G108Conference Room1st floor55 seats
G202Lecture Room 802nd floor80 seats
H101Morgue1st floor0 seats
L115Conference Room1st floor7 seats
L116Conference Room of Computer Centre1st floor20 seats
L220Conference Room of DCGM2nd floor16 seats
L223Office2nd floor2 seats
L304Seminar Room3rd floor15 seats
L306.1Applied Microcontrollers Laboratory3rd floor15 seats
L306.2Applied Microcontrollers Laboratory3rd floor8 seats
L314Seminar Room3rd floor30 seats
L321Conference Room of DCSY3rd floor0 seats
M103Computer Laboratory1st floor20 seats
M104Lecture Room1st floor21 seats
M105Lecture Room1st floor20 seats
N103Computer Laboratory1st floor20 seats
N104Computer Laboratory1st floor20 seats
N105Computer Laboratory1st floor20 seats
N203Computer Laboratory2nd floor20 seats
N204Computer Laboratory2nd floor20 seats
N205Computer Laboratory2nd floor20 seats
O101Corridor1st floor0 seats
O105Robotic Laboratory1st floor20 seats
O203Cisco Laboratory2nd floor20 seats
O2043D Graphics Laboratory2nd floor20 seats
O205Network Laboratory2nd floor20 seats
P108Student-Academic Seminar Room1st floor80 seats
Q204Laboratory2nd floor8 seats
Q304RedHat3rd floor20 seats
Q322Conference Room3rd floor10 seats
S206Conference Room2nd floor16 seats
S207Conference Room2nd floor12 seats
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