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Plně automatické zařízení na snímání sítnice oka

Created: 2019

English title
Full automatic retinal acquisition device
functional specimen
required - licence fee
Drahanský Martin, prof. Ing., Dipl.-Ing., Ph.D. (DITS FIT BUT)
Malaník Petr, Ing. (FIT BUT)
Pokorný Jaroslav, Ing. (creinos)

full automatic capture, fundus camera, eye retina, ophthalmology


The functional model of the device serves for full automatic scanning of the retina of the eye. The person (patient) must place his / her face on the device so that he / she is looking into the defined area where the camera system is located. At this point, the eye is automatically detected, the camera system is moved and rotated (in 5 axes) into the optical axis of the eye, and one image of the retina is captured, illuminated by a short pulse of visible light. This image can be obtained by transferring via Ethernet or USB interface to a further work with it. The use is intended for ophthalmological purposes.


Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology


Device is licensed under the license conditions of BUT.

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