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Zavedení atraktivního a efektivního studia v anglickém jazyce na FIT

Project Period: 1. 2. 2018 - 31. 8. 2019

Project Type: grant

Agency: South Moravian Region

Program: Ostatní veřejné zdroje financování nepatřící do institucionálních zdrojů ČR

English title
Introduction of attractive and effective English language studies at FIT

University education; IT


Faculty of Information Technology BUT is an excellent university workplace, established in the tertiary education and research market, both at regional and at European level. He has built up a good cadre of academic staff with the prospect of educating others. There is already a sophisticated IT system with a high positive impact on the faculty, where faculty graduates are highly sought after. At present, bachelor, master and doctoral programs are opened in the Czech language. With regard to the transformation of the structure and market of applicants for education in the Czech language, especially with regard to the demand for graduates in the region, the faculty now intends to open also English language education at Masters level based on deep experience in IT education and communication with employers. An already accredited field of Computer Graphics and Multimedia has been selected, where it is necessary to create an English-language content for about 6-12 subjects in order to fulfill the study plan according to the accreditation in English. This content will be created within the framework of a preparatory project as well as preparation of support for the opening of the study in English and support for English-speaking students at the faculty. The project itself will be the opening and implementation of the pilot run of the first year, funded by the applicant's funds. This project will contribute to improving the training of talent for research and innovation in SW and HW development.

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