Project Details

Cybersecurity Innovation Hub

Project Period: 1. 4. 2023 - 31. 12. 2025

Project Type: grant

Code: 101083932, 101083932

Agency: European Comission EU

Program: Digital Europe Programme

Czech title
Cybersecurity Innovation Hub

cybersecurity, digital, centrum


Cybersecurity Innovation Hub (CIH) is the only European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in the Czech Republic
and one of the very few in Central Europe that focuses on Cybersecurity and Trust as the Specific Objective 3
within Digital Europe (DEP).

Team members
Zemčík Pavel, prof. Dr. Ing. (UPGM FIT VUT) , research leader
Firc Anton, Ing. (UITS FIT VUT)
Hajný Jan, Doc. Ing., Ph.D. (UTKO FEKT VUT)
Homoliak Ivan, Ing., Ph.D. (UITS FIT VUT)
Hranický Radek, Ing., Ph.D. (UIFS FIT VUT)
Hruška Tomáš, prof. Ing., CSc. (UIFS FIT VUT)
Jírovec Martin, Ing. (Děkanát FIT VUT)
Malinka Kamil, Mgr., Ph.D. (UITS FIT VUT)
Perešíni Martin, Ing. (UITS FIT VUT)
Polišenský Jan, Bc. (UIFS FIT VUT)
Ryšavý Ondřej, doc. Ing., Ph.D. (UIFS FIT VUT)
Zavřel Jan, Ing. (UIFS FIT VUT)
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