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Business Rules Definition for Decision Support System Using Matrix Grammar

ZÁMEČNÍKOVÁ Eva and KRESLÍKOVÁ Jitka. Business Rules Definition for Decision Support System Using Matrix Grammar. Acta Informatica Pragensia, vol. 5, no. 1, 2016, pp. 72-81. ISSN 1805-4951. Available from:
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Definice podnikových pravidel pro systém pro podporu rozhodování s použitím maticových gramatik
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Business rule, decision support system, formalization, decision making, matrix grammar.


This paper deals with formalization of business rules by formal grammars. In our work we focus on methods for high frequency data processing. We process data by using complex event platforms (CEP) which allow to process high volume of data in nearly real time. Decision making process is contained by one level of processing of CEP. Business rules are used for decision making process description.

For the business rules formalization we chose matrix grammar. The use of formal grammars is quite natural as the structure of rules and its rewriting is very similar both for the business rules and for formal grammar. In addtion the matrix grammar allows to simulate dependencies and correlations between the rules.

The result of this work is a model for data processing of knowledge-based decision support system described by the rules of formal grammar. This system will support the decision making in CEP. This solution may contribute to the speedup of decision making process in complex event processing and also to the formal verification of these systems.

Acta Informatica Pragensia, vol. 5, no. 1, ISSN 1805-4951
University of Economics
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