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Security of Hand Geometry

DVOŘÁK Michal and DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Security of Hand Geometry. In: Proceedings of Conference SPI 2017. Brno: University of Defence in Brno, 2017, pp. 17-29. ISBN 978-80-7231-414-0.
Czech title
Bezpečnost geometrie ruky
conference paper

Biometrics, 2D hand geometry, 3D hand geometry, structure light, 3D scanner, line scanner 


How can we reliably identify a person or verify a persons identity and how secure this method is? The area of biometrics offers a solution to this issue by claiming, that in order to determine ones identity, we need only some of his/her physical traits. Many security systems of today identify people using various biometrics, most often fingerprint, facial markers or retina scan. These systems however, are not applicable in every situation either due to environmental, price or other reasons, and another method may be required. Hand geometry represents an alternative approach to human identification and verification, that avoids issues, that make more conventional approaches inconvenient, such as placement in areas where face needs to be covered or where fingerprints can become obscured (non-clean environment).

In this paper, the hand geometry biometrics and its advantages and disadvantages in terms of security will be described. How are disadvantages being addressed by current and future avenues of research and development will be explored. As of now, the existing systems utilizing hand biometrics are predominantly analyzing 2D representation of a hand, its silhouette, which is acquired statically. As the static acquisition presents possible vector of attack on this system, the method of dynamic acquisition of hand geometry using a line scanner will be presented. The largest limiting factor preventing widespread of this technology however, is the relatively low entropy of hand silhouette, which in turn limits the size of the serviceable database and increases FAR and FRR and therefore its usage. This paper will therefore also explore how the 3D acquisition and following analysis of 3D model can lead to increased security and larger serviceable databases as well as how the line scan technology and 3D acquisition can be combined. 

Proceedings of Conference SPI 2017
Security and Protection of Information 2017, Brno, CZ
University of Defence in Brno
Brno, CZ
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