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Rozšířená virtualita pro efektivní vzdálené řízení dronu

SEDLMAJER Kamil, BAMBUŠEK Daniel and BERAN Vítězslav. Rozšířená virtualita pro efektivní vzdálené řízení dronu. Technical report of project no. VI20172020068 - 2018 - Brno, 2018.
English title
Augmented virtuality for efficient remote control of the drone
technical report
Sedlmajer Kamil, Ing. (FIT BUT)
Bambušek Daniel, Ing. (DCGM FIT BUT)
Beran Vítězslav, doc. Ing., Ph.D. (DCGM FIT BUT)

The technical report describes the development of a system for effective mission planning and a visualization module for the pilot in situations of impaired orientation during the mission. The solution builds on the results in the calculation of camera position and autonomous drone control. The report includes an overview of existing solutions aimed at reducing the load on the pilot of the drone and increasing its orientation capabilities with limited visibility due to the greater distance of the pilot from the drone. The report contains a system design and analysis of suitable data sources: available map data, elevation maps, 3D models of buildings, etc. The resulting system will be based on advanced virtuality technology, which will integrate real data from a drone (video-stream, 3D structures) into a virtual 3D model of the environment. , location information). During the mission planning, the pilot will be able to define 3D areas with various potential security risks, which will be used during the mission to navigate in these zones and visualize the overall situation in the virtual scene of extended and online real data.

Technical report of project no. VI20172020068 - 2018 - Brno, CZ
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