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Genetic Programming

GIACOBINI Mario, PAPPA Gisele and VAŠÍČEK Zdeněk, ed. Genetic Programming. LNCS 13986. Cham: Springer Verlag, 2023. ISBN 978-3-031-29572-0.
Czech title
Genetické programování
conference proceedings
Giacobini Mario ()
Pappa Gisele ()
Vašíček Zdeněk, doc. Ing., Ph.D. (DCSY FIT BUT)

Genetic Programming


The 26th European Conference on Genetic Programming (EuroGP 2023) took place at the Brno University of Technology (BUT), Brno, Czech Republic, April 12-14, 2023. The conference was held in a hybrid model to allow both in-person and online attendance. Genetic Programming (GP) is a unique branch of evolutionary computation that has been developed to automatically solve design problems, in particular computer program design, without requiring the user to know or specify the form or structure of the solution in advance. It uses the principles of Darwinian evolution to approach problems in the synthesis, improvement, and repair of computer programs. The universality of computer programs, and their importance in so many areas of our lives, means that the automation of these tasks is an exceptionally ambitious challenge with far-reaching implications. It has attracted a very large number of researchers and a vast amount of theoretical and practical contributions are available by consulting the GP bibliography1. Since the first EuroGP event in Paris in 1998, EuroGP has been the only conference exclusively devoted to the evolutionary design of computer programs and other computational structures. In fact, EuroGP represents the single largest venue at which GP results are published. It plays an important role in the success of the field, by serving as a forum for expressing new ideas, meeting fellow researchers, and initiating collaborations. It attracts scholars from all over the world. In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere authors present the latest advances in the field, also presenting GP-based solutions to complex real-world problems. EuroGP 2023 received 38 submissions from around the world. The papers underwent a rigorous double-blind peer review process, each being reviewed by multiple members of an international Program Committee. Among the manuscripts presented in this volume, 14 were accepted for full-length oral presentations (38% acceptance rate) and 8 as short talks. In 2023, papers submitted to EuroGP could also be assigned to the "Evolutionary Machine Learning Track". Among the 38 submissions, the authors of 9 papers indicated their papers fit the track, with 4 accepted for full-length oral presentation and one as short talks. Authors of both categories of papers also had the opportunity to present their work in poster sessions to promote the exchange of ideas in a carefree manner. The wide range of topics in this volume reflects the current state of research in the field. The collection of papers covers interesting topics including developing new variants of GP algorithms for both optimization and machine learning problems as well as exploring GP to address complex real-world problems

LNCS 13986
26th European Conference on Genetic Programming, Brno, CZ
Springer Verlag
Cham, CH
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