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Sensor Networking through Intranet and ZigBee

TRCHALÍK Roman and ŠVÉDA Miroslav. Sensor Networking through Intranet and ZigBee. In: Proceedings IMAPS CS International Conference EDS'06. Brno: Brno University of Technology, 2006, pp. 217-221. ISBN 80-214-3246-2.
Czech title
Propojování senzorů do sítí prostřednictvím Intranetu a ZigBee
conference paper

ZigBee, IEEE 1451.5, brána, most, XML


This paper describes a new technology of ZigBee architecture and represents an approach to interconnecting between sensors networks with Internet or intranets. The contribution begins with introduction with architecture of the smart transducer - IEEE 1451. An industry-wide, open IEEE 1451 smart transducer interface standards provide common interfaces between sensors/actuators and instruments, microprocessors or networks. The IEEE 1451.5 proposal specifies a wireless communication protocol and transducer electronic data sheet formats. This proposed standard utilizes the IEEE 802 family as a basis of wireless communication protocols. In 2001 a new initiative started aiming at a standards review with a goal to extend some parts of the 1451 family to satisfy new industry demands. The next part of this paper deals with ZigBee architecture and interconnecting between ZigBee sensors network with Ethernet networks. ZigBee Gateways and Bridges offer two different ways how to provide connectivity. In context of ZigBee, Gateways provide a full featured connectivity and allow a greater diversity of devices and applications that can be interconnected by ZigBee networks. Although both types of devices may accommodate various applications, upon reviewing application's requirements one of these types will usually prove superior. Standardization of those devices will enable multiple vendors to interoperate and provide a high-class solution to ZigBee users.  Attention was given to alternative physical layers and to enhancements of the data sheet with new features such as XML format of the data sheet, hot swapping possibilities, and physical layers information.

Proceedings IMAPS CS International Conference EDS'06
IMAPS CS International Conference Electronic Devices and Systems 2006, Brno, CZ
Brno University of Technology
Brno, CZ
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