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Brno University of Technology at TRECVid 2008

CHMELAŘ Petr, BERAN Vítězslav, HEROUT Adam, HRADIŠ Michal, JURÁNEK Roman, LÁNÍK Aleš, MLÍCH Jozef, NAVRÁTIL Jan, ŘEZNÍČEK Ivo, ŽÁK Pavel and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Brno University of Technology at TRECVid 2008. In: Proceedings of TRECVID 2008. Gaithersburg: National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2008, pp. 1-16.
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Brno University of Technology at TRECVid 2008
conference paper
TRECVid 2008, Brno, Surveillance event detection pilot, Content-based copy detection pilot, High-level feature extraction, Video Search.

In this paper we describe our experiments in all task of TRECVid 2008. This year, we have concentrated
mainly on the local (affine covariant) image features and its transformation into a search-able form for the
Content-based copy detection pilot together with the indexing and search techniques for the Search task and a
practical test of the background subtraction and trajectory generation algorithms for the Surveillance pilot.
In brief, we have submitted the following tasks:
    1. Surveillance event detection pilot. We have participated in the detection of the following events
         - PersonRuns, ObjectPut, ElevatorNoEntry and OpposingFlow. It has been based mainly on
         advanced masking and background subtractions and extracted trajectories.
    2. Content-based copy detection pilot. We have submitted one run based on search of the joint
         image features - global (color, texture) and local features (SIFT).
    3. High-level feature extraction. We have used two training methods based on SVM using color,
         texture and face image features. First only selected subset of the training data, second all the
         annotated data were used for the training.
    4. Search. We have performed two fully automatic IR experiments based on the text of the queries
         and ASR/MT provided by NIST and the data consumed by the High-level feature extraction task.
    5. Rushes summarization, to which is dedicated a separate paper [2].

Proceedings of TRECVID 2008
2008 TRECVID Workshop, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, US
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, US
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