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Did you know, that the Škodovka, as we dearly call our company, is not merely about manufacturing cars but that there´s high-end and modern IT-equipment in each vehicle? We are not just the biggest Czech car manufacturer, which is by the way one of the three oldest car manufacturers in the world. ŠKODA AUTO is increasingly becoming an IT company. The company´s site houses the largest private industrial data center in the Czech Republic reaching a computing capacity of 15 petaFLOPS, which corresponds to computing operations per seconds and this capacity is being used, among others, for virtual reality, visualizations and simulations. Here at Škoda, you will find virtually all high-end IT technologies from most worldwide top manufacturers. 800 apps and systems for 18,000 users are being developed and operated here. Škoda has developed the software for some of these technologies itself. Apps for 50 countries are being developed here, the Škoda web is operated in 108 countries all over the world and as far as IT solutions are concerned, the ŠKODA IT team supports more than 600 companies within the Volkswagen Group. Yet Škoda´s success rests upon its great employees´ shoulders and upon their doing a great job - this is something Škoda is able to appropriately appreciate, which is one of the reasons why it has repeatedly become top employer of the year. Together with numerous benefits and advantages, the modern environment, professional approach, sensible work and the opportunity for professional growth will provide that you become a top expert in your field - beneath the wings of the famous Škoda arrow. Don´t miss this unique opportunity and become part of a modern high-tech company. Select from the wide variety of options available at www.skoda-kariera.cz/IT.

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