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Organize competitiona and hackatons

Do you have an idea for a competition theme for students? Do you have a topic in the company that could be the best solution for student teams in 24/48 hours? Do you have interesting technology in the company that you want to introduce to students? Organize a competition. We will be happy to help you with organization and promotion.

Give FIT students an IT "toy" + 24 hours = be surprised.

  • First step Introducing the topic

    FIT Partners, contact your FIT Guarantor to arrange an appointment. Consult the expert topic of the proposed competition and the appropriate implementation structure. Furthermore, we will jointly agree on organizational details: spaces, deadlines, way of action, extent of engagement of both parties, promotion, etc.
  • Second step Event preparation

    Preparing the task(s) of the competition with the involvement of the guarantor at the FIT as agreed and your needs. Provision of equipment, prerequisites, data sets, use of FIT infrastructure, etc. Promotion of the event at FIT. Resolving paper formalities.
  • Third step Event organization

    Organization of the event at FIT (if necessary, special equipment on the ground of the company), organization support, evaluation, press release, media coverage.

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