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Traineeship offers

How does it go in the IT industry? What is your business culture? What is it like to solve professional problems or to create in innovative team? Support the creative development of our students and offer them the opportunity to see how it works in your company. Offer them a traineeships or a summer jobs. Get an overview of our students and choose your potential employees.

Show FIT students what you do in your company.

  • First step Theme and placement date

    FIT partners, consult with your FIT Guarantor on traineeships. The ideal period of internship is June-September.
  • Second step Post Bid

    Send your traineeships offer or summer job to the Partnership Program Coordinator at FIT. Your offer will be posted on our Traineeships Portal.
  • Third step Student collaboration

    FIT students will contact you directly. You will discuss the details of cooperation with those interested.

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