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Diploma thesis supervision

Propose an assignment of a final thesis for our students to help bring your business to a better technological level. Coordinate the proposal and supervision with an academic. Students like to work on topics with a real impact on practice. In addition, they will have the opportunity to get to know your business environment personally and become your colleagues in the future.

Get in touch with students and find future employees.

  • First step First meeting

    FIT Partners, contact your FIT Guarantor to arrange an appointment. At the meeting you will find out the possibilities of diploma thesis assignment and how to get skilled students on them.
  • Second step Propose Assignment

    Send us your assignment, including a brief annotation, what problem to solve and what work solution outputs should be. The assignment is proved and finalized by the FIT Guarantor and entered in the information system, where students can see it and can choose it.
  • Third step Student Assignment

    The student who chooses the topic will contact you. Subsequently, it will address the problem itself, including going to your company for consultation and work in your laboratories and operations.

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