Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee of the FIT, in accordance with Section 31 (3) of the Act, discusses disciplinary offenses of students enrolled for study in study programs held at FIT and submits a proposal for a decision to the Dean.

Members of the Disciplinary Committee of the FIT are appointed by the Dean from among the members of the Academic Community of the faculty after prior approval by the FIT Academic Senate. Half of the faculty members of the Disciplinary Committee are students, of which one is a student of a doctoral study program. The Disciplinary Committee of the faculty elects and recalls its chairperson from its members.

The term of office of the members of the disciplinary committee of the faculty is at most two years.

To initiate disciplinary proceedings, the sponsor is obliged to prepare a proposal with the following requirements (see Article 6 (3) of the BUT Disciplinary rules):

  1. a description of the offense in which a disciplinary offense is committed, including the indication of specific violations of law and / or internal rules,
  2. the designation of a student who was to commit a disciplinary offense,
  3. why a disciplinary offense is in fact seen,
  4. the proposed evidence on which the proposal is based.




Disciplinární komise FIT
Božetěchova 2/1
612 00 Brno

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