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Best Paper award from CADE 2019 for the VeriFIT group

Vojtěch Havlena, Lukáš Holík, Ondřej Lengál, and Tomáš Vojnar from the VeriFIT group received the Best Paper award at the prestigious CADE 2019 conference focused on automated deduction in formal systems. The paper, named "Automata Terms in a Lazy WSkS Decision Procedure", deals with deciding formulae of the logic WSkS using symbolic techniques for manipulating finite (tree) automata. The WSkS logic is used, for instance, to describe infinite sets of graphs within formal reasoning and searching for bugs in programs with dynamic data structures. Furthermore, Vojtěch Havlena received from the CADE program committee the Woody Bledsoe Award, which honours outstanding contributions of students to automated reasoning and CADE.

Night of Scientists at FIT: Traveling in virtual reality, scalpel-free operations and robotic workplace of the future

The Night of Scientists will open doors to laboratories and research centers throughout the Czech Republic again this year: on Friday 27th September from 6 pm to midnight. 
At FIT, visitors will have an opportunity to travel without a carbon footprint - in the world of virtual reality they can return to their holiday destination with a new software tool developed at FIT. 
Jiří Jaroš will take the visitors to the near future, in which doctors will be able to remove a tumor without a single cut with a scalpel and will be able to treat epileptic seizures or Parkinson's disease thanks to supercomputers. Come to listen to his lecture (in Czech) "Neurosurgery and neurostimulation using computer-controlled ultrasound".
In a lecture by Libor Polčák "Security not only of the Internet of Things", visitors will learn what it looks like when data or the ability to control Internet-connected devices fall into unauthorized hands.
In the robotics lab, visitors can program their lego robots and teach them what to do in different situations, or learn about the robotic workplace of the future. 
There will be also logical tasks and puzzles prepared for the visitors to show how important mathematical logic is not only for computer science and how easy it is to solve them thanks to the computers. 

Speech group took the first place in the VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge

Speech@FIT research group scored again in a world competition. Group members Shuai Wang and Hossein Zeinali took the first place in the VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge (VoxSRC) in Graz. The goal of this challenge is to probe how well current methods can recognize speakers in different environments in the audio-track recordings. The VoxCeleb database includes videos of several thousand celebrities and hundreds of thousands of videos - from both professionally edited and red carpet interviews as well as more casual conversational audio in which background noise, laughter, and other artefacts are observed in a range of recording environments. The results can be found HERE and HERE.

Pratibha Moogi: India Centric R&D efforts in artificial intelligence

India today is a country with 1.3 billion inhabitants, 300 million smartphone users and 600 million Internet users. And also a country with rich opportunities for and experience in information technology, artificial intelligence and science and development. If you are interested in this topic, do not miss a lecture by Dr. Pratibha Moogi "India Centric R&D efforts in artificial intelligence".

Her talk takes place on Friday, September 13, 2019 at 13:00 in room A112.

More information about the lecture and Dr. Moogi can be found HERE.  

13th Alpine Verification Meeting -- AVM'19

FIT BUT organises together with FI MU 13th Alpine Verification Meeting -- AVM'19: a meeting on current research in automated verification (mainly but not only) for researchers and students (mainly but not only) from Alpine countries and their surroundings. At the meeting, new results will be presented mainly by PhD students, but there will also be invited talks by three renowned researchers: J. Esparza from TU Munich, M. Pezze from Universita della Svizzera italiana and Universita degli studi di Milano Bicocca, and N. Gorogiannis from Facebook.


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