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Day: 18 October 2019

Following the modernisation of the AV technology in lecture halls and laboratories, the faculty is now fully digital


From the beginning of the semester, all lecture halls, laboratories and conference and seminar rooms at the FIT are equipped with a new audio-visual technology - projectors, screens, signal components and cabling. The faculty thus completed the second stage of modernisation of the technology and equipment in teaching premises.

The first stage of the modernisation took place last year, when almost all the AV technology in lecture halls was replaced. The modifications mostly concerned the lecture halls in building E, where the faculty also had the floors, teachers' desks and lighting replaced - the original lighting was replaced with more cost-effective LED lighting.

This year, the AV technology was also replaced in the laboratories, conference and seminar rooms. "The modernisation of AV technology included primarily digitalisation of signal transmission and transition to Full HD resolution or higher, both in terms of projection and recording of lectures. Signals are transmitted between the devices either via HDMI or HDBaseT technology using classic UTP cabling, which is cheap, easy to install and durable; moreover, it was possible to use the existing cabling at some places. Sound is sent between lecture halls and technical rooms via the computer network using the Dante protocol," explains Jana Skokanová from the FIT Computer Centre.

Further changes are planned for the next year, in particular in lecture hall D where floors and furniture will be repaired and lighting replaced, just like in the other lecture halls.

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